1. Great Tides
    Light Green Funz

  2. Happy Cosmos

  3. Medieval Conquest

  4. moonappleapplemoon
    The Moons of Mulagi

  5. Ontarian Heroes
    The Golden Funz

  6. The Girl From Waitrose
    The White Funz

  7. Haunting My Ghoulies
    The Ever Sponging Funzballs

  8. Mirador
    Funzman Dan

  9. A Horse for the Stranger
    Sklavo Cervalo

  10. One Wadadli Conch
    The Moons of Mulagi 2

  11. Tuppy Goblin's Wild Ride
    Touch of Light Funz

  12. The Sheepless Fleece
    The Sheepless Fleece

  13. Songs for Ed Ricketts
    The Blue Funz


  15. ST320613
    Gun Metal Grey Funz

  16. In Memorandum Prof. Dr. Walter Van der Veer
    The Moons of Mulagi

    The Bubbles in Miniature

  18. Would That Being Would Abscond
    Sporting Rainbow Spouting Bubbles

  19. Bandit River Mulberry Blues
    The Moons of Mulagi

  20. Septober

  21. The Funz Family Band and the Lost Disciples of Mooliigi

  22. River Songs
    River Songs

  23. Welcome to the Lane
    The White Funz

  24. Strange Excavations
    The Red Funz

  25. Molugai vs. the Eye
    The Pink Funz

  26. Summer of the Saucer
    The White Funz

  27. 17 Minutes with the White Funz
    The White Funz

  28. When We Finally Fall Asleep
    The White Funz

  29. Rain in a Gay Bottle
    The Twisted Pricks

  30. Isca Vista Baby
    The White Funz

  31. Lost Songs
    Kolczyki Wiatranek

  32. The Blue Funz
    The Blue Funz

  33. Big Bonobo

  34. Live in NA
    Funz Ink

  35. Dawn Breaks on Kingsville

  36. The Ecstasy and the Void
    The White Funz

  37. Night of the Living Funz

  38. Death to the Funz

  39. Soundtrack to the Motion Picture "Mind Fucking"
    Doc Si's Fazz-Funz Ensemble

  40. Selkie Cousteau
    The White Funz

  41. Stranded Dreams of Saskatoon
    The Yellow Funz FKA The She Gods of Shark Reef

  42. Tafraoute Sessions
    Group Funze Presents:

  43. Whelk in Moonlight
    Pale Reflections

  44. Platinum Funz
    Platinum Funz

  45. Live at SHE
    Black Funz

  46. White Magic
    Black Funz

  47. Murawaji: Rebel Samurai
    Midori F'z

  48. The Octopus' Jar
    The Green Funz

  49. Journey of the Dead
    Group Funze


The Funz

the White Funz consists primarily of Alexander Borland, a Scottish whelk hunter, Daniel Potter, a Thamesian lock-keeper, and Soren Brothers, a Great Lakes limnologist.
The Funz itself is a puff-ball spore cloud which occasionally chokes small Devonshire villages.
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